तुला  Tula

to hold or put in balance; to be in balance; to be equal with; "to risk".

Tula School of Yoga came from Sarah and Taylor's desires to share the gift of teaching yoga. Their two very distinct and different teaching styles connect through similar yogic philosophies and visions - that yoga leads us to our fullest, truest selves, and a teacher should facilitate that journey in an appropriate and person-centered way. Both Sarah and Taylor believe teacher training should be a very personal and integrative process that balances the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the practice with the individual's personal transformation. After several years of teaching at their own studios, as well as training with two distinct teachers, Rod Stryker and Tiffany Cruikshank, Sarah and Taylor balance their different teaching styles with similar yogic philosophies. At Tula we believe a teacher's greatest responsibility is presenting the practice in a way that is authentic to them, while meeting the practitioner in his or her own space. Students first and foremost, Tula teachers remember the feeling of stepping on the mat for the first time, as well as the challenges and benefits of being a long time practitioner.

The mind/body/spirit connection is greatest when the three are reciprocal. Tula emphasizes the importance of these three aspects and hopes to help new teachers find their own style while maintaining a mental, physical, and spiritual balance at their core. This helps Tula teachers build confidence, develop their voice, and possess the knowledge to help a variety of practitioners on their own journeys.

We believe these qualities make wise teachers.

Meet Sarah Rumsey - Lead Trainer (Sarah will not be leading our 2018 module while she attends school full time.)

Meet Taylor Henry - Lead Trainer

Meet Mandy Berry - Training Mentor/Assistant

Meet Jaime Garvey - Training Mentor/Assistant

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"To bring into balance..." Tula School of Yoga believes the practice should bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance, and a yoga teacher should be able to assist others in all of these areas, to find their own way.

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Tell us a little about yourself, your practice, and your thoughts about yoga. At Tula, we hope to guide you through a personal journey that results in a much more meaningful yoga practice, and the ability to share your knowledge and experience with others.