Sarah stepped on her yoga mat for the first time while she was living in Houston, Texas. She had no idea where the practice would lead her, but what she found was that it was taking her back to her heart and back to her roots. After completing her 200-hour training in Houston, she returned back to Arkansas where she was born and raised to open Maitri Yoga that resides in Fayetteville. Sarah truly believes that through yoga we get out of our own way and if we let it, our practice becomes a vehicle leading us back to ourselves. "The practice allowed me to go inward and through digging deep, within my body and heart, I found space and freedom to accept and love myself. The yoga practice offers this safe place to let go and surrender, meanwhile giving us courage to step into our strength and honor ourselves." Through sharing this practice, Sarah's intention is to offer up what the practice and her teachers have given her... A safe place to land and courage to honor her own humanness.

Sarah circles her class, speaking with grace and a fire that seem to come from elsewhere, surrounding her students with a gentle warmth and acceptance. Gifted with the ability of positive speech and empowering intentions, Sarah combines her supportive words with powerful movements that leave practitioners feeling cared for and capable of anything. Sarah will guide Tula students through Vedic studies and the soul of the practice, integrating words with action and flow, helping them find their voice, their intention as a student and a teacher, and how to let their true self shine. She wants Tula graduates to understand their responsibility as a yoga teacher goes far beyond the classroom, to facilitate connection, and to embrace their own truth and love themselves.

Sarah is a registered E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, yoga therapist and is currently working on her 500-hour ParaYoga Master Certification with Rod Stryker. Her influences include many wonderful teachers: Maria Merrill and Seane Corn to name a couple. She is also a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and continues to learn through the practice every day. She is also a facilitator of the Embody Love Movement.


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"To bring into balance..." Tula School of Yoga believes the practice should bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance, and a yoga teacher should be able to assist others in all of these areas, to find their own way.

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