"Our hope is that this 200-hour training is the foundation that not only uncovers the teacher within each and every participant, but also creates a fire within each of their hearts to uphold these teachings and embody them. This training is not only to become a teacher, but to remain a student, constantly learning, growing and becoming."
-Sarah and Taylor

Tula School of Yoga teacher training will take place January through May, every other weekend. Regular weekend trainings take place at Seva Yoga Studios in Fort Smith. Trainees are expected to devote their time and effort to training and to be present at every module. Teacher training should exhaust you, make you question your practice, your ability to teach, your desire to teach. But ultimately, teacher training should show you how strong, capable, and inspiring you truly are, giving you the framework for the journeys you will take with your own students. Please note that make up day will be made available in the case of an emergency.

Additional Requirements:

  • Students must attend a minimum of 4 yoga classes per week at Seva Yoga in Fort Smith. These classes must vary in level and style. (Weekend training classes count toward this number.)
  • Over the course of the training students must attend at least 4 yoga classes at another studio and write a one-page report on the experience.
  • Students must assist teach, team teach, and, when ready, teach on their own a community class at Seva. 
  • Students will receive homework over selected readings.
  • Students must complete the modules mentioned in the curriculum and detailed in the syllabus (to be given the first weekend of training).

All trainees receive unlimited classes at Seva Yoga for the duration of training.

All trainees receive a 15% discount for continuing education modules offered through Tula and Seva.

Cost of Training:

Reserve your space for $500 deposit to be applied to your overall costs.

Earlybird - $2000 if paid in full by December 1, 2017.

After December 1, 2017 - $2250 

Payment Plan - $350 per month for a total of five months beginning in January.


Tula Curriculum

Tula Training Schedule


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"To bring into balance..." Tula School of Yoga believes the practice should bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance, and a yoga teacher should be able to assist others in all of these areas, to find their own way.

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Tell us a little about yourself, your practice, and your thoughts about yoga. At Tula, we hope to guide you through a personal journey that results in a much more meaningful yoga practice, and the ability to share your knowledge and experience with others.